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Laila joined us for our first ever midwife appointment at 12 weeks and when I was heading to have the blood tests, asked if she could use me as a case study as we underwent Ovulation Induction to kick start my body into the task of growing a baby. In return, I could ask any questions, day or night, and hopefully she’d be able to answer me.

I certainly took this kind offer as a challenge and had at least one query every couple of weeks, things that would keep me up at night with worry. She was always so, so patient and cheerful and answered all the questions as soon as she could. If she didn’t know the answer she’d be honest and say so. Then go and find out from a trained midwife as soon as she could. And I was never made to feel silly or embarrassed for asking her even the most trifling query.

This came into its own when we found out there was complications with the baby’s long bones and we had to undergo a lot of extra scans as they were falling short of the measurements, which could have meant a lot more serious implications. Needless to say, I was incredibly worried, given that we had to have fertility treatment to get to this stage, and the baby seemed to be so, so precious to us. She answered all the questions and kept checking up on us, which was a great relief and salvation.

It was a shame she wasn’t at the actual birth, but i felt as if she was there as all my fears were answered and I felt so reassured that I was doing the right thing, as I messaged her to ask about my contractions and also when to head into hospital. She was on holiday in another country but replied straight away and helped out as much she could have at the time.

We continued to meet up after, where she’d answer all my post-labour, new-baby questions. Again, day or night.

Quite frankly, Laila has been a star! Its no wonder that we got so used to saying her name when talking about the baby that it only seemed right to name our precious little girl, Leila!

Thank you for everything, Laila and I really feel that even when she is 12 years old, I can still come to you to ask queries and you will go out your way to help me solve the mysteries of children!

Abhilekha J.

Laila joined us for our first ever midwife appointment at 12 weeks and as we were wrapping up, asked if she could use me as a case study as she was looking for a happy mum-to-be, that totally got me laughing and agreeing to sharing the wonderful journey with her.

Given we were first time parents, Laila offered that she was happy to be contacted anytime with questions however basic they were. I felt it was lifeline given the whole mystery of the process and someone who clearly is within the system being able to guide me. We certainly took this kind offer had numerous exchanges. I remember Laila being so patient with those, not letting me feel even for once that it was really stupid and where she didn’t have the answer would research and revert. It was like having a friend by your side who never judged you. 

This was further highlighted when during the first trimester I had to rush to the hospital given spotting. It was late at night and my husband was still at work. While I was making my way there I message Laila who promptly replied and was on message with me until I reached A&E and my husband came to join me, she was my pillar of strength at the time when I was fearing the worst. If anything, that episode made me realise how much Laila cared, didn’t see me as just another patient but as a person. 

By sheer coincidence Laila was in the hospital when I went into labour and a core part of the birthing team. I was at the most ease seeing the friendly face and having someone who we had been part of the entire journey with us.

Unfortunately, I had to undergo some extra procedure once the baby was safely delivered which meant I wasn’t hands-on during the first hours of my baby’s birth. My husband was at a total loss and guess who came to rescues to show him how to hold the baby, change nappy etc. – Laila! She stayed with us well after her working hours and ensured he felt supported before leaving to catch her flight in couple of hours!!

We continued to exchange message and visits, she even helped my new mum anxiety post-labour.

Laila has been part of our incredible journey to parenthood and continues to be there for us, the case study where she was meant to learn think was more for us to learn from her.

Thank you for everything Laila, we really feel that without you we wouldn’t have had the beautiful experience – you care so deeply that we forget that you aren’t really related but hey that’s how lifelong friendships feel. Jia is blessed to have you be part of her coming to being and looks forward to the continuity of having her in her life… Thank you again Laila, it wouldn’t have been this special without you!!


I first met Laila at my first appointment with the midwife at UCLH (University College of London Hospitals). She told me that she was studying midwifery and doing her placement at this hospital.

Laila was a great support throughout all my pregnancy. She helped me to understand the procedures I had undertaken; as I was gestational diabetic and I had a deficiency of the placental fluids. 

I had my sugar levels controlled by the diabetic department at UCLH. Laila guided me about the care I had to have to avoid any complications. Every time I had any doubt, Laila helped me to understand it and she always gave me the best recommendations. She was my guide and voice all the time. As I was first time mum, I had many questions every day but I felt very calm with Laila as I had a really good support 24/7. She always had the answer and gave me reassurance. She knows very well her profession and this is key for all this process.

Another great help was the information she gave me about the process of labour, what to expect and how to prepare myself both mentally a physically. I follow her instructions and they were very useful.

Laila followed up my pregnancy, labour and postpartum period. Once I left the hospital I came back home and she kept in touch with me to make sure my baby and I were ok and that I understood everything related to becoming a mum. She even visited us at home! She spent her time to come and meet my baby and resolve all my doubts! She also gave me advice about what to do not only about my baby but also about my health. 

Emma and I will be eternally grateful with Laila and we do not have any doubt about she is a professional in the fullest sense of the term.  

Kind regards,

Emma, Tune & Margarita