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Full package of services where you will find professional support and assessment about all you need throughout your pregancy so you do not miss a thing! Consultations, photos, calendars… Contact us, we are waiting for you!


Sometimes, you can find difficulties to go to the hospital. This is why we would like to facilitate our support by going to your house to resolve all your questions and to do a general assessment with the objective of guaranteeing your wellbeing.


After having a prior consultation with the midwife, we will help you to make your birth plan according to your clinical and emotional needs. This will enable you to get an unforgettable experience about your baby’s birth.


Each woman is unique as well as each pregnancy. We offer continuity of individualised care during pregnancy and postnatally by creating a bond of trust between you and us.


Are you away? You can’t come to the clinic? That’s ok. We are whenever and wherever you need us to be. You can have an online consultaron through skype. Just ask for it and we will be happy to help!


You can get your consultation with us in clinic or at home. Wherever you feel more comfortable. You decide!


In small and friendly groups, get a holistic idea about birth and talk about maternity subjects that matter to you most so you get ready for what is to come. We are waiting for you!

Antenatal classes

Labour is a wonderful and unforgettable moment that shape our lives. However, you can feel happiness but also fear. For this reason, a good preparation prior labour is key to help you to become more self-confident and cope well with it .

Postpartum classes

Tiredness, lack of sleep and uncertainty of ‘what happens next’, make the begining a bit more difficult. Having good advice and good understanding of what happens once you go back home, it is essential to be well prepared.

Feeding classes

We all want to ensure a good nutrition of our newborn baby. However, sometimes it can be a bit more difficult than what we expect. Having a general understanding of this process and some tips will make the difference!


Have fun! Meet people in your same situation and share your doubts as well as your experience. It will help you to learn about the mystery of nature.

International brunch

Reunion of future parents to spend a pleasant time while talking about anecdotes and the mystery of nature.

Afternoon tea

Reunion of future or current parents to have a pleasant time talking about your experiences and fears while having the famous ‘afternoon tea’.


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